GYSA Tournament Information

GYSA Tournament Information

GYSA Tournament Information for U10 and Older Teams: Full Schedule Link Here

Age Coach Date Range Schedule Link
U19 Boys Miller   Game Schedule
U19 Girls Hartwell   Game Schedule
U16 Boys Vaccari   Game Schedule
U15 Girls Poolson   Game Schedule
U14 Boys Suljic   Game Schedule
U12 Girls-2 Hirvela   Game Schedule
U12 Girls-1 McSorley   Game Schedule
U12 Boys Madden   Game Schedule
U10 Girls Burnette   Game Schedule
U10 Boys-1 Pappolla   Game Schedule
U10 Boys-2 Plomatos   Game Schedule
U8 Girls Madden   Game Schedule
U8 Boys-1 Suljic   Game Schedule
U8 Boys-2 Carr   Game Schedule


 All date ranges listed below:

February 10 & February 11

U19 to U14 Teams Round Robin Tournament

U8 Jamboree

February 17 & 18

U14 Quarterfinals (2/17 only)

U12  to U10 Round Robin Tournament

February 24 

U19 to U14 Semifinals @ Puryear

U12 Quarterfinals @ Puryear

February 25

U19 to U12 Finals @ Puryear

March 3

Battle of the Bay (GYSA vs. TARSA)

***Mark your calenders for these dates and let your Coach know ASAP

if you are unable to attend the tournament!



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